I Give Up…

Since I started using internet (18 years ago) I’ve been avoiding put my personal data in public. I didn’t want to put personal data accessible to anybody because I think it’s a security risk (too much paranoid ?).

From today, I have decided to be more transparent in my business and the first step in this process will be to expose myself and be accessible to anybody.


I will share my mistakes in previous startups and my success too, it will be great if anyone can benefits and learn from them.

Another point at which I’ve decided become public is because I have been avoiding social networks all the time, no Facebook, no Linkedin, no Twitter… I thought I didn’t need them but now I think from other perspective and I want to know people with my interests (startups, entrepreneurship, technology…)┬áIn my personal environment there aren’t much of them.

With Social Network you can reach lot of interesting people and know them before contact. I usually used e-mail when I wanted to contact somebody, but I think e-mail are dying (somebody should make a drastic upgrade in the protocol) and it is very hard to contact to unknown people through email.

I’d like to know about your experience in startups, business, personal projects or technology. Don’t hesitate to contact me!