Warren Buffett video.

My partner David give me this video, where Warren Buffet answer some questions of MBA students.

I didn’t hear about Warrent Buffet┬ábefore. He is an investor and you can get many tips from his answers.



While watching the video, I took some notes:

– Don’t risk something important for your in exchange for something that is not important for you.

– You only have to become rich once.

– Be sure to have a “moat” and expand it.

– You don’t need to do lot of ideas, what you are looking for is 1 good idea a year and then carry out to full potential.

– McDonals (and burger’s king) need to make promotions to compete to each other. They don’t sell product by itself, they need the promotion to sell them.

*Moat: idea associated to your product: CocaCola -> Happiness; Kodak -> Quality; Seas Candy -> Love; Disney -> Kids.

I hope you enjoy and find the video useful too.