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Confianza Internet With Lean Startup Methodology

Recently I have read Lean Startup by Eric Ries and I wanted to test some of its principles. Many tips are common sense, but you don’t see them until somebody tell you or until you make the mistake. So now, I wanted to try a new project with Lean Startup in mind.

This year we wanted to keep focus in few projects and we already had picked out them, but we have lost a very important client this month (March) and we can’t be working in long term projects without monetizing them (and the projects we picked out can’t be monetized in short-term). So we have decided to launch a side project with Lean Startup methodology and see what happenes.

The Idea

Confianza Internet Widget

Confianza Internet is a SaaS for e-commerce. When customers make a purchase in the e-commerce, we send them a review request. In that review the customer can value the purchase in that e-commerce and rating it. New customers could see these reviews and scores, making the site more reliable for them (Confianza Internet means Internet Reliable in Spanish). E-commerce will only get reviews from their real customers. If a customer has some problem with one of our e-commerce we will arbitrate in the dispute.

This idea is not original, there is strong competitors like eKomi, Yotpo or Confianza Online but only Confianza Online is Spanish and they only put you a seal, they don’t get feedback from customers and they don’t arbitrate in disputes between e-commerce and customer.


Our Assumptions

  • E-commerce will use our product because we will have a very competitive price and a powerful brand in Spanish.
  • Distributors and affiliates will promote Confianza Internet for commission.
  • E-commerce’s customers will provide feedback after purchasing.
  • Marketers will use our product.
  • Ecommerce will use our product.
  • Customers will prefer to buy in ecommerces with Confianza Internet’s seal becuase it is more reliable.

Roadmap and Measurement


After 2 weeks we already have one. With paypal and prestashop integration. We will need more integrations with magente, clickbank and other ecommerces’s CMS but this is MVP.

We read how SendWithUs validated and we loved it! So David wanted to try some of their tips in our MVP, so we have some buttons without content in the MVP.

Get Testers

We are working in this phase currently. But we need testers with working ecommerce and sales. We are getting some from PrestaShop Spanish forum and David is trying from twitter too. The process is going slow and we are thinking in incorporate another person in the team, somebody with social media, branding and ecommerce skills.

Get feedback from testers

We have found very nice people between our testers and they are helping us a lot providing feedback and reporting some bugs. Thanks guys!

Improve MVP according to the feedback

Already doing too and we will be doing this even when beta phase is done.

Launch payment version

Not official date still but we hope launch next month.

Improve the conversion to paying customer.

After the launch payment version we will have to work in this task.

Improve response’s ratio from e-commerce’s customers

When a sale is done, the service usually wait about 5-10 days (configured by e-commerce owner) to send the feedback request to the customer, so we can be sure the product already arrived. So we are working now to send the first requests and see what is our response ratio. From there we will have to work in improve it.

Confianza Internet Reviews

Affiliate Section MVP

For now it is a button without content, we will work in this when find people interesting in promote our service.

Get Affiliates

Track buttons are working in this and we will speak with some companies related to e-commerce services. For now, we haven’t found any.

Confianza Internet Pricing

This is our first project with some lean startup principles. We need to define very well the measures and work to improve them, and like I said, we need to complete our team, do you know somebody ?

Have you already tried lean startup methodology ? Let me know about your experience. Tips from you are welcome too!