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From Jooicer to Tractionboard

A year ago we were happy to start working on Jooicer. We built a MVP in just a couple of months and launched it, validating our idea with lot of users. Our initial idea was wrong, nobody was going to spend time building recipes in an unknown platform, but lot of them were happy to use recipes that were already done and would be ready to start paying if we increase certain limits. Even if our initial approach was wrong, the launch was a success. You will read hundreds of times about launching and validating faster, but until you don’t experience it by yourself, you really don’t understand how important it is.


After our beta phase we decided to redo it from scratch, taking in consideration what the users said, and specially what those who were ready to pay said. In this second development, we realized we were taking a big risk, because we were depending 100% on only one entity (Twitter). We already took this risk some years ago (with Google) and it went really bad. So we started to feel really uncomfortable with this situation, also we were facing technical problems.

In the meantime, the team started to grow which allowed us to focus on what we really were good at. We developed an internal panel that we were going to use to measure our different customers acquisition channels, and we showed it to some entrepreneur friends. Our intention wasn’t to sell it, we showed it to them because these men were crazy for the metrics and we knew they were going to like it. However the response we got from them…

I want to sell this.

This is the Holy Grail of the Marketers.

…made us think about our situation.

We never got any feedback like this with Jooicer, quite the opposite, it was something like “Nice, another Twitter tool“. We had to spent lots of energy trying to make the other people see why we were different and why it wasn’t another Twitter tool. And to be honest, we aren’t experts in Twitter. On the other hand, we have been building internal panels to measure our marketing efforts in all our projects, because we have always been doing bootstrapping and couldn’t afford market solutions.

We started to show the panel to other people, to prove the idea. We started to research about competitors to see if there could be a place for another one and the results were positives. However we had Jooicer and we didn’t want to lose our focus, so we had to make an important decision: either continue with Jooicer, an advanced product with some potentials customers waiting for it, or to make a 100% pivot with a new product, which had a good feedback, where we can consider ourselves expert on it and market wasn’t so competitive as social media tools. You can think the decision was easy. It wasn’t, but finally we decided to pivot and focus 100% on Tractionboard.

Before start to build the product, we focus 100% in customers’ development and the team. We were surprised that the panel that we built for ourselves, covered almost all important metrics any other SaaS business needs. The final conclusion after this customer development phase was “If it does what you say it does, we want it”.

In April, we started to develop it and two months later we are going to launch a private beta. We are very excited about it and can’t wait to see what will come.


I would love to know what you use to measure your marketing efforts, specifically your different customers acquisition campaigns.