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My Mistakes As An Entrepreneur: City Coupon Deals

From the beginning City Coupon Deals was a side project for us, at the same time we were working on WWT, but it was the boom of the coupons sites and we didn’t want to waste the opportunity to launch something related.


Our idea was to create a coupons aggregation. There wasn’t so many then, so it was a good idea. Also it was simple, you only had to scrap or use the API from coupons websites and show all of them from your, sorted by city, category… etc.

At first we were going to show from all sites, but our idea, once we get users, was to show only those who pay commission for leads or sales.

We contacted with two guys who were going to help us with the project. A really good developer, who will develop the entire website and a designer with social media knowledge who was going to act like CEO once the website will be finished.

We did the same mistakes we did in WWT project plus new ones. It is not we did the same mistakes twice, but we were doing the two project at the same time so we didn’t realize we were doing mistakes until it was too later.

Lucky for us, this project development was much more easier than WWT, so code, design were done quickly.

Clarify the roles from the beginning

The two guys worked really good. We found a talent in the developer (we still are in contact). The designer was really good to, but the problem was that he was supposed to lead the project once finished. He didn’t know about it and he didn’t want to. So we found with a project finished and nobody to lead it.

This project didn’t take too much to build it, but I learn a great lesson from it. Clarify the roles of each member of the team the first. The roles could change along the life of the project, but be sure that you have your important roles cover before starting nothing.

Currently City Coupon Deals is working alone, without attendance, and it give some bucks by Adsense. So at least it pays itself the server and domain cost.