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Jooicer: 5 months later

Hello there!
It has been a long time from my last post, but these months have been crazy.

After our customer development phase, we started to develop the tool. We focused entirely in the features and forgot about the user experience, we thought if the tool can do what we want it to do, users will want to learn how to use it… Wrong! The tool works, but it is so difficult to use that nobody knows how to do it. So after some minutes, the people logout and never come back.

Additionally to these problems, we found another with the database, Twitter manages a lot of data, so our database became huge with only the beta testers.

Improve the tool, get users, analyze feedback, fix bugs… for only two people have been crazy, we have neglected some aspects of the project because the team was too small.

After see these mistakes, we have stopped build new features, or get more users and we have analyzed the current problems and found solutions for them. It has started by extending the team. We have found talent people who wanted to join us at Jooicer, so now we are starting again with a full team compose by the original two guys (David and me) and the followings:

  • An UX guy, who will help with design too.
  • A Business Intelligence guy, lot of experience in analysis and with knowledge about Twitter, big data and databases.
  • A developer, with strongs in security.

With this new team, we have analyzed the mistakes and started to work in a new interface more user friendly with valuable data and features. Based in that interface we will code the tool, and for the database problem, currently analyzing it, I think we will use individual tables per user.


  • Invest in User Experience: No matter how good is your product if nobody know how to use it.
  • Look for a complete and talent team: If not you will neglect key areas.

Also I have moved to Coral Gables, Miami, so if you are around here and want to talk sometime, just let me know.