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This is The One: Jooicer

I published an article just a month ago talking about a new side project we was working on, Confianza Internet. The project was an experiment to try some lean startup principles and make something while we start our main project. For Confianza Internet it was possible to reach potential clients through Twitter, so we started to work in our Twitter strategy. Soon we realized that we needed several tools if we wanted to automatice some recurring actions and implement our own strategy (only for Twitter). Instead of use all this tools we started to work in our own tool.

While we were developing this tool we had our ah-ha moment,

And if we make this tool, sufficiently customizable for anyone to implement their own strategies in Twitter?

We started to contact with experts in social media talking them about the idea. Eveybody agreed that there is a tool for almost everything in Twitter but, first, still there are some uncover needs and second, It’s a nuisance to have to use several tools. One of the most motivating feedback come from Phil Glutting:

I really like the idea behind it and have been asking the question “why do I have to have 4 different tools, when will someone combine them all” for the last couple months.

So, we had to make a big decision: Do we really want to focus in this project. The project looks very interesting, not only because it looks like there is people looking for it but it’s a challenge for us to be capable to make a tool like this. The answer was YES, we know there is lot of competitors, it’s a red ocean niche but still the answer was YES, we wanted to do it. But say yes to this project means say no to others. I think the really difficult thing about focus, is to be able to say NO. We are realizing that you can’t focus 90% in your main project and 10% in others. You need to be focus 1000% in your uniq project. All your thoughts have to be focusing in The One.

So no more new projects. Our next step in the “No Process” is to close open projects. We are working on it.

Le me introduce you Jooicer, a tool to implement custom strategies in Twitter:


By the way, we talked with several social media experts, one of them Ruben Colomer recommended to David a book called The Tipping Point. I think this is one of the best recommendations we have ever received (I have almost finish it). With this book I have had my second ah-ha moment in this project. I will share it with you in next posts beside the launch strategy we are working on (based in many factors from The Tipping Point).

I would like to hear about you. Have you got difficulties keeping focus ? How about your ah-ha moments ?